New Course: The Work 101 for Busy People

Learn how to use the tools of self-inquiry in The Work 101 for Busy People online course.
The Work 101 is about learning the basic skills of doing The Work and about establishing a regular practice of The Work.

Are You Too Busy for The Work 101?

The Work 101 is a nine-week online course requiring about 40 hours of your time. It’s a great way to take a deep dive into the practice of The Work of Byron Katie. But what if you don’t have 5 hours/week to dedicate to this practice?

Until today, I offered no other option. But based on feedback from those who have wanted to take The Work 101 course and couldn’t due to time restraints, I’ve created a new version of the course just for busy people.

The Work 101 for Busy People

This version of the course is exactly the same as my standard 9-week course—no changes to the The Work 101 curriculum. You’ll get the same course either way.

But instead of 5 hours/week for nine weeks, this version of the course takes only about 10-20 minutes/day, five days/week for nine months.

This allows you to build a slow, steady practice of The Work at a very comfortable pace.

Now You Can Fit the Course into Your Busy Life

Just set aside 10-20 minutes five times each week on your own schedule to come to our password-protected forum to do the assignments. If you get behind for a few days, you can also catch up.

You’ll get the same great feedback on your work from me and the co-trainers who offer the course with me.

I encourage you to set up a regular time each day to do the assignments. Consistency is even more important with this course because it’s slow and steady. By the end of nine months you could have a really solid practice of The Work.

The Work 101 for Busy People starts on Feb 24 and goes through Nov 10, 2019. There is room allowed for vacations and unexpected things that happen during the year. I allow ten months to complete this 9-month course.

If You Have the Time, the 9-Week Course Is Still Great

There is something really powerful about the intensity of the 9-week course. I have run it now 12 times and it has stood the test of time.

But if slow and steady is more your style, or if it’s the only thing you can do, then The Work 101 for Busy People may be for you.

You can read about the course in detail on the sign up page.

The Price for The Work 101 Goes Up on Fri, Feb 8

If you sign up this week, you’ll save $90 CAD.

The current price is $470 CAD (approx. $359 USD, €313 EUR, $495 AUD). As of Feb 8, the price will be $560 CAD (approx. $427 USD, €373 EUR, $590 AUD). This increase of price will allow me to pay the co-trainers for the course a better wage for their services.

Sign up before 4 PM Pacific Time on Feb 8 to purchase at $470 CAD.

Three Courses Now Listed on the Website

I’ve now listed three courses to choose from:

Apr 7 – Jun 9, 2019: The Work 101 (Nine-week course)
Sep 8 – Nov 10, 2019: The Work 101 (Nine-week course)
Feb 24 – Nov 10, 2019: The Work 101 for Busy People (Nine-month course)

The price is the same for all of these courses. And the price will go up for all of them on Feb 8. Sign up for any of them now to take advantage of today’s pricing.

The Doorway to Inquiry Circle

This course is the entryway to our ongoing practice group called Inquiry Circle.

Inquiry Circle lies at the very heart of what I offer. This is where we take Byron Katie’s invitation to make The Work a daily practice and make it a reality. I’d love to have you join this amazing group of dedicated practitioners of The Work once you complete The Work 101.

Learn more about The Work 101 and sign up here.

Have a great week,

“The Work is merely four questions; it’s not even a thing. It has no motive, no strings. It’s nothing without your answers. These four questions will join any program you’ve got and enhance it. Any religion you have—they’ll enhance it. If you have no religion, they will bring you joy. And they’ll burn up anything that isn’t true for you. They’ll burn through to the reality that has always been waiting.” Byron Katie, Loving What Is

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