The Freedom in Owning Your Part

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It’s easy to blame others for environmental issues for example, but if I can find my own contributions to this problem, there is no need for anger or attack. My heart opens to a more humble, peaceful, and effective way forward when I’m owning my part.

Not Owning My Part Is Stressful

This came up so elegantly in last week’s Open Session. The person doing The Work made it clear for all of us that owning her part led to peace. She saw herself being punished for an innocent action that she had done earlier, and her mind cried out “Not fair!”

The mind not only attacked those accusing her, but also those who advised her to do the action in the first place. And in the same stroke the mind also attacked her for doing it, thinking “I should have known better.”

In All this Attack there Was No Peace

By going through the four questions and turnarounds of The Work, she saw clearly how her mind got wrapped up in everyone else’s business when she was not owning her part. And as soon as she did own her part, she experienced peace.

This is how The Work works. I start by blaming others, or myself, and end up finding that there is no one to blame.

Whatever happened simply happened. That’s all. That’s where my mind can rest.

Owning It Is Different than Beating Myself Up

Owning my part means accepting responsibility for my actions. But it also requires that I don’t attack myself for what I did. Self-attack is not the same as owning it. One is violent, the other is peaceful.

When I attack myself, I get to look like I’m owning it but I’m really still not owning it. I’m just blaming myself and staying separate from myself in the process. True ownership happens when I fully join myself and embrace both the fact that I did it and the fact that there was a certain innocence in my doing it.

When I can hold both my “guilt” and my “innocence,” then I am truly owning my part. And my heart can relax. I have nothing to hide, even from myself. And all attacking stops. There is no need to attack others or myself when I’m able to see it this way.

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“Do The Work until you see your part in it.” Byron Katie, Loving What Is

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