How Neutral Can You Be?

quiet reflection

The neutral foreground and sides of this image allow the mind to be drawn into the subtle parts of it.

If you Want to Find the Truth, Neutrality Is a Help

Over the years of living, I’ve learned that some things work for me and some things don’t. I’ve developed preferences and opinions.

But when I do The Work, I suspend my opinions and preferences as much as I can during the process of inquiry—just to keep an open mind.

And the same is true when facilitating others.

If I Have an Opinion, I Hold It

It can be very tempting sometimes to share what I think with a client who is doing The Work. But if I do that, I cheat them out of their own process of self-discovery.

This only teaches dependence. It moves away from neutral facilitation into the field of advice-giving and ego-stroking—which is not helpful when it comes to finding freedom.

Finding freedom is something each of us has to do for ourselves.

Are you willing to step out of the way for those who really want to know the truth (especially if that person is you)?

Have a great weekend,

“When someone is facilitating The Work, giving the four questions, he’s receiving at another level what I originally received inside me. If he’s really facilitating from a neutral position, without any motive, then he’s in the place where I am on the other side. It just gains in its freedom. It’s in or out: unlimited.” Byron Katie, Question Your Thinking, Change the World