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Today Let’s Turn Things Around

Instead of sharing with you my insights about The Work and life in general today, I invite you to share your recent insights with me.

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“I am always the student. I love to be in that position, bowing, listening, at the feet of all that I see. This doesn’t require an open mind: it is the open mind. It never has to take responsibility for knowing or for not knowing. It receives everything without defense, without judgment, since judgment would cost it everything it is. The moment you think you’re someone or think you have something to teach, the inner world freezes and becomes the realm of illusion. That’s what it costs when you identify yourself as the person who knows. It’s a concoction of mind. You shrink down into the teacher: limited, separate, stuck.” Byron Katie, A Mind at Home with Itself

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  • Luz says:

    I was standing on the patio with my 3 year old son, who was having a conversation with my godmother. On his way back in the house, he hugs me and very casually says: I wish she was my mother.
    I repeated his words, to see if I had heard correctly. Yes, he said, and skipped along. I was fascinated, because my mind was going like : This is something I can be legit offended about. And I was looking for the feelings to rise in me. But rather, I was amused!
    I loved how open he was with me, and how free he felt to be able to express his feelings without fear. I completely understood how he could feel that way, because my godmother really is a kind and gentle lady, and she gives of a very good energy, and so I could see where he was coming from and that it was not about me. But the best part was the amusement from remembering that I had said those exact same words to my own mother when I was a young girl! And how I had felt bad in later years, because my mother did not react like I now did.
    Not trying to get myself off the hook, but through my son I could now see how I too was innocently just preferring one vibe over the other.
    I love it when the work does me ❤️

    And I also love how you turned it around on us this week, Todd! I see what you did there! 😊

  • Geoffrey says:

    When I first started Inquiry, I started out on my own. I believed I did not know what I was doing. I remember my first JYN was so long. Then I started inquiry on every concept I had written on that JYN. I would ask the 4 questions and then do the turnarounds, repeatedly going back to Katie’s written instructions. At the end of each belief that I worked I would scratch my head in disbelief at the hours it was going to take to finish a JYN! Besides the hours it took me, those first few JYN’s that I did on my own are not memorable except for one thing and that was the mediation of the inquiry. I would put this beautiful blanket down on the floor of my apartment. Light a candle, turn off my phone and let go into this unknown world of inquiry.

    Its been a few years since I first started The Work. I don’t take so long to complete a JYN. My sentences that I bring to inquiry are shorter. I have had some amazing facilitators that have offered me great turnarounds and blindingly insightful examples, yet I still like to create that meditative space and do inquiry on my own. I look back with fondness at the me that wandered off into that unknown known of inquiry.

    I have written this as something to give back. To acknowledge your generosity and love for The Work. When Todd wrote ‘I invite you to share your recent insights with me’ I caught the resistance. What I have written is not a recent insight and its what popped into my mind.


    • todd says:

      I love that you shared this, Geoffrey. Doing the work on my own is my favorite way to do it too, even when I’m doing it with someone. It’s the thrill of going down into the unknown world of inquiry. I feel like an explorer to the South Pole or something. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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