If you Think Balance of Mind is Hard, Try Riding a Unicycle

Todd riding a unicycle

Talk about having no support of any kind!

Finding Balance of Mind is Like Learning to Ride a Unicycle

It’s a project.

In fact, most people look at it and think, “That’s way too much work.” Or, “That’s impossible.” Or, “I’m not good enough to master it.”

But it’s surprising how quickly progress can be made.

Both with Unicycles and with The Work

As you can see in the video, I’m getting somewhere, even with just a little practice. And the same is true with The Work. Even a little practice can open up an exciting new world.

A world where you lean on nothing outside of yourself for support. A world where you know how to correct a fall in any direction by simply leaning in the opposite direction as it happens. A world of 360 degree freedom of motion.

So I Encourage you to Join the Fun

I do The Work as a practice. Why? Because it’s fun, like trying to ride a unicycle. I may never get it, but I’m having lots of fun trying. The short little rides are fun. And the falls are fun too.

Come on out and join me. Let’s get grass stains on our knees together!

Have a great week,

“We’re all five-year-olds. We don’t know how to do this thing called life. We’re just learning how.” — Byron Katie, Question Your Thinking, Change The World.

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  • Andrea (Germany) says:

    Dear Todd – What a beautiful,playful and deeply wise article! It touches my
    heart to see You acting as one of those wonderful adult children – I am one of
    them too. I feel (after years and years of therapy and self-exploration and doing The Work) that it is this “child” inside of me that is whole,knowing by just
    playing and is a teacher of deep wisdom -without any effort.
    I am a piano teacher,artist and very creative person.So doing The Work is a
    practice that fits perfectly and I like doing it – as a play,as meditation,and it is
    Reading Your articles,looking at Your photographs and Your videos,I think
    You may be a “Highly sensitive person”(Elaine Aron) – as I am (a part of me is).
    This information was helpful for me,because I could accept the way I behave in
    and experience the world better. Perhaps this HS-Person-information is what
    we call in German “an old hat” for You,so why not get an old hat as a gift,put it
    on one´s head and have another wobbling fun trip across the (inner) lawn.

    Thank You for doing Your job,for Your beautiful artistic Photographs and for
    the joy to see You fall!

    Andrea (just trying to say it in English)

  • todd says:

    Thank you, Andrea. So sweet. Yes, I am a highly sensitive person. You guess correctly. Thanks for sharing… I’m going for an old hat now. 🙂

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