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Todd's Checklist for the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet

You will also get “Todd’s Checklist for the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet.” The Checklist is a practical support for going deeper when filling out your Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets. This is especially helpful for identifying exactly what’s bothering you in preparation for inquiry.


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The Work as Meditation Newsletter
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 62 reviews
by kaeren on The Work as Meditation Newsletter
Do you find it challenging to facilitate other people

This was exactly what I needed, Todd. I really like the analogy of the backseat driver, it makes a lot of sense to me. It has offered me a way to practise that feels honouring to the person I facilitate and to myself. Many thanks.

by Helle Permin Talbot on The Work as Meditation Newsletter
You nail it

I so often find reading the newsletters that it points straight into my life, my situation. I just read The power of slow and steady and at these days so much is troubling me and I don´t know where to start working. So I have slowly started on one worksheet, working one line a day and it already make a diferense so .... your letter Todd ... just nailed it

by Martell on The Work as Meditation Newsletter

This has really helped me reach a deeper understanding of the work!

by glenda on The Work as Meditation Newsletter

Your insights into the Work process are very helpful. You ground the ideas with specific examples. I often use them the day they arrive. Thank you for sharing your care and teaching skills so openly.

by Jacqueline on The Work as Meditation Newsletter
Great Email Articles

I really appreciate your emails! They are short and to the point, but they give great insight! Today's on ego was on point. Any time someone can spot ego in their work helping others I am Very grateful! Thank you for the insights! It was a great reminder to check on my own ego when helping others and encouragement to be a facilitator only then to get out of the way and allow them the blessing! God bless "The Work!"

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