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You can quickly schedule a one-hour session with me using the calendar below. We meet virtually on Zoom, which has video connection and phone-in options. If you want to read more about private sessions please continue reading below. You can also book: 30-minute, 90-minute, or two-hour sessions. If you can’t find an hour time slot in the near future, try looking for a 30-minute session. My hourly rate is $100/hour. Please contact me if you want to apply for a scholarship or arrange a payment plan. Your credit card will be automatically charged on the day of your appointment. If you are a new client, I will send you a link for your first payment. Appointments canceled within 24 hours, as well as no-shows, are charged the full amount.

Here’s the calendar for one-hour sessions ($100):

Need Some Time For You?

apricot blossoms

When you’re busy, there’s no time to stop and see the beauty.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to put your own needs above the demands of everyone else. The mind will even tell you it’s selfish to take time out for you, even if you need it. But if you don’t give yourself the time you need, everyone suffers.

Even if you make an “appointment with yourself,” the moment something more pressing comes along how often do you let it slide?

That’s why it’s helpful to schedule appointments with a facilitator of The Work. Your chances of keeping the appointment are much greater that way. It’s an excellent way to gain more regularity in The Work. Not to mention all the benefits of working with an experienced facilitator.

Here’s One Client’s Experience Working with Me

(Note: I am interviewing this client. When she uses the word, “you,” she is referring to me (Todd).

Why Do The Work with a Facilitator?

When your buttons are activated, holding yourself in the four questions and turnarounds of The Work can sometimes be challenging. That’s the main value of working with a facilitator. You don’t have to think about the process of The Work. You can just focus on your inquiry.

For example, you don’t have to worry about what questions to ask yourself. Your facilitator does it all for you. You just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. All you have to do is take each question inside, give it time, and report whatever emerges. Your facilitator is there for you, no matter where the inquiry goes.

However, this doesn’t mean your facilitator does your work for you.

Only You Can Find Your Own Truth

But an experienced facilitator can gently hold you in your work when your mind begins to wander, without making you feel wrong.

A facilitator can also kindly steer you away from beating yourself up with the truths you begin to find.

And a facilitator can share his or her own experiences in doing The Work to support you while you explore. This is especially helpful if you get stuck. A facilitator is your equal as you explore the truths that can set you free.

Here’s What One Client Writes About Her Experience Working With Me As A Facilitator

“Thank you so much for working with me today. I think this is the first time I’ve honestly had an insight that seemed not only genuine & useful, but actually healing… instead of Something Good For Me.

“I’m hopeful for the possibility there could be more available to me in the same vein, so I don’t have to give up on myself, or feel grim about the prospect of Getting Through This.” Sydney, Seattle

lake vaseux

As a photographer I know that a slight shift in angle makes a huge
difference. That’s exactly what we do with The Work of Byron Katie.

Here Are A Few Reasons To Work with Me

Dedicated Time for The Work
When you’re working with a facilitator, you are there for one purpose only: to do your work. This dedicated time for doing your work a great support for getting more out of The Work.

Go a little deeper with The Work
An experienced facilitator can hold you to the very core of your work. This is where a significant shift is most likely to occur. For example, when you find examples of the turnarounds, it’s easier to find examples outside of the specific situation you are working, but the deepest work comes from looking for examples in the situation itself. A facilitator notices when you’re taking the easy road, and brings you back to the core of your work.

You Can Go Slow or Go Fast
Some worksheets need more time, while others can be turned around quite quickly. You can choose the length of session that you need for each worksheet. This insures that you don’t have to rush through your work when you want to take it slow.

Write a clearer worksheet
The Work has two parts: identifying your stressful thoughts (writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet), and then questioning and turning around those stressful thoughts you wrote. One of the best ways to go deeper in The Work is to write a very focused, and clear Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. A facilitator can help greatly with this in a private session.

Need help deciding what to work on?
One place many people get stuck is trying to figure out how to write a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on a particular issue. Sometimes it’s hard to identify the thought that’s actually bothering you. A facilitator can help you clarify how to write a worksheet in your situation.

Occasionally do The Work on self-judgments
Sometimes self-judgments are simply what’s on your plate. Self-judgments can be worked effectively with The Work if they are worked with care. The problem with self-judgements is that they are sticky, and require a lot of experience to hold properly. An experienced facilitator can support you in questioning self-judgments from time to time.

A regular facilitation schedule
One of the main reasons why people don’t do The Work regularly is that life just gets busy. When you have a regular appointment set up with a facilitator, it becomes much easier to keep The Work as a priority in your life.

Explore the turnarounds with someone who’s had a lot of experience doing The Work
Finding examples for the turnarounds (which means finding examples to support the exact opposite of what you believe) can be challenging. An experienced facilitator can offer options of where to look for meaningful turnaround examples.

A safe loving space where you can dive into your work
The main role of a facilitator is to hold the space for you to find your own truth. I believe that a safe loving space is the most important factor in doing The Work. Truth is what resonates with the heart. And a safe environment makes it much easier for the heart open to the truth.

moon on lake vaseux

The beauty of the moonlight is somehow greater when it is held gently by the earth.

Try It Out

Whether you’re new to The Work of Byron Katie or a seasoned practitioner of The Work, individual facilitation still proves to be one of the most powerful and effective means of doing The Work. I invite you to give it a try.

Here’s one client’s experience.

“Todd is a patient facilitator who inspires me to treat The Work as meditation. Yesterday was the first time I’ve done The Work with a facilitator, and it was great to have someone else ask the questions. It freed me up to simply look at the situation and respond.” Rob M., Richmond, VA

Having someone else ask the questions is especially valuable when you’re new to The Work and are just learning how it works. But it also serves if you’ve done a lot of work. When someone else is asking the questions, you can really drop in and find your answers.

There are over 160 certified facilitators of The Work around the world, all listed at Byron Katie’s website. I encourage you to try a number of them, as we each have our own styles.

You May Think My Style Is Too Gentle

And you may be right. Gentleness and thoroughness are a part of my personality. When I facilitate The Work, I am very gentle as I bring you back to the questions (if you wander). I often simply just ask again in a different way. I am sensitive to being made to feel wrong, since this has sometimes been a button for me throughout my life.

I tend not to interrupt too quickly (though I will do so when necessary). I find that when my clients have open hearts they often go deeper in their answers.

I walk a razor’s edge between being my gentle self and holding my clients firmly in their work. Sometimes I notice that I’m being too lenient, and sometimes I notice I’m being too much of a task master. It is a constant balancing act, but overall most people experience me a good listener, gentle, lighthearted, and on task. I also have the patience to stick with a question when it seems hopeless to find any answers.

Here’s another client’s experience.

Susan N.

Susan N.
Menlo Park, CA

“I’ve taken a class with Todd, participated in his very cool Slow Cook Inquiry and had one-on-one sessions with him. I can always count on time with Todd to be fruitful. He digs right in – doesn’t waste time – and holds me to The Work. His guidance is kind and on point. We laugh – there is humor and I feel lighter at the end of the session. The insights I have, courtesy of Todd’s facilitation, stay with me. I read his newsletters to discover his wonderful way of distilling the essence of a thought – and his fearlessness at challenging all thoughts. He has done the work on himself with relentless curiosity and seems to recognize and empathize with almost anything that arises for me. Time with Todd is a huge gift to me.”

peach blossom

The peach blossom opens spontaneously in the warmth of spring weather.

What If Opening Up Is Hard For You?

We’ve been taught since a young age to keep our judgments to ourselves. We don’t like to drag other people down, and we don’t like to expose our vulnerable side. This is especially true for us guys. Can a session still be valuable if this is the case?

Here’s what these two clients have to say.

“Opening Up About Personal Issues Isn’t My Strong Suit”

Pedro F.

Pedro F.

“I had a session with Todd to discuss my concerns about whether I’m being enough of an inspiration to others. Opening up about personal issues isn’t my strong suit, but the session was very comfortable with Todd, and in a very short time he helped me realize and appreciate that there are many ways in which I am being a real inspiration to my loved ones. The sense of balance I have about it now is a real relief and it feels great. Thank you!”

“I Came Sooooo Close To Canceling The Appointment”

Chris F.

Chris F.

“I did “The Work” on my own for several years with sporadic commitment and mixed results. So yesterday, for the first time ever, I tried doing “The Work” with a facilitator (Todd Smith). Due to some stuff going-on in my life, I came sooooo close to cancelling the appointment. Boy, would that have been a big mistake!

It’s said, “We’re blind to our blindness-es.” Well, actually, finding-out places — where I’ve been “blind” — as difficult and uncomfortable as that can be — well… I can’t really describe how grateful I am. AND, I chose to do “The Work” with Todd on a relatively minor issue in my life. So, I’m feeling a lot of hope, right now, for me…. Todd Smith = Experienced (with both “The Work” and personal suffering), Insightful, Patient, Unconditionally-Accepting, and… Exceptionally Caring.”

moon on lake vaseux

Through practice even the mundane becomes sublime. Steady
practice of The Work is what leads to subtle experience.

How Are The Sessions Structured?

Sessions are built around the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet cycle. The Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet is the most thorough way I know to identify stressful thoughts. It provides a snap-shot of all aspects of the mind in a particular, stressful situation.

The combination of writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, and then questioning all the stressful thoughts on that worksheet is what I call the “Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet Cycle.” My own practice of The Work consists of a continual cycle of writing and working through one Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet after another. And that’s what I offer to you in these sessions.

You Can Go Fast Or Slow With Your Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet

As I’ve gained experience in facilitating The Work, I’ve become very comfortable working with clients to write a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and work through the whole worksheet in one hour. When we work a worksheet in an hour, we’ll mainly be doing The Work on one or two concepts from the sheet, and will spend the remaining time finding living turnarounds (practical ways you can live the insights you found).

However, this is not the only way to do a worksheet. I love the speed of inquiry when I do it fast. And I love the thoroughness of inquiry when I take several hours to work through a worksheet. Depending on your worksheet, you may want to do one quickly, and another more slowly.

I Encourage You To Make Doing The Work A Steady Practice

I encourage you to do The Work every day. This may mean doing it on your own, with a friend, in a group, or with a facilitator.

Doing The Work regularly with an experienced facilitator is one of the best ways to hone your skills in The Work. And as you gain confidence in this simple practice of inquiry, you may find that you can hold yourself steadily in The Work. You will become your own best facilitator. The more skillful you become in this practice, the more you will be able to hold yourself in balance, no matter what challenges life may throw your way.

moon on lake vaseux

The sun rises every day to support the growth of all things beautiful.
Regular practice of The Work supports seeing beauty everywhere.

For all clients, I have an online calendar which allows you to make appointments, and change them, and get reminders easily. You will be directed to my online calendar below.

Recordings Are Available

By default, I make a recording of our sessions, and send it to you as MP3 download. Many clients find it very helpful to listen to the recording, as they often discover new insights when they do. If you don’t want your session recorded, just let me know. Recordings are only available for phone/Skype sessions. They are not available for in-person sessions.

This Is Not A Good Fit For Me Guarantee

If you start doing The Work with me and find that it simply doesn’t suit you, it’s easy to get a refund. Just let me know within 90 days of our session and I’ll be happy to return your money. So feel free to try it out. If you don’t like it, it’s very easy to get your money back.

ITW Candidates

Please note, if you are a candidate in the Institute for The Work, you are not eligible to do private sessions with me. You are welcome to participate in any other programs that I offer.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel or change an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment date with no penalty. Cancellations or changes within 24 hour of your appointment, as well as no-shows, are non-refundable.


Big strawberries and little ones are equally juicy.

Which Session Length Is Best For You?

Each session length has a different specialty. Here’s an overview.

Two-Hour Session This session gives a very thorough treatment of any Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. There is time to go from “I don’t know what to work on” to finding and writing a clear Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. Choose this session if you want to go very deeply in your work, or if you prefer a very thorough, methodical pace. Or if you’re dealing with a big issue and want to look at it from every angle. Book your session here by choosing: Two-Hour Session by Phone or Skype.

90-Minute Session This is one of my favorite session lengths. You have time to question at least one statement from each line of the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. There’s time to go slow when you need to, and to go faster as the your stressful story starts to unravel. Choose this session as a robust standard for most worksheets. Book your session here by choosing: 90-Minute Session by Phone or Skype.

One-Hour Session This is a practical session length. It’s a little less thorough than a ninety-minute session. We will probably only have time to work two or three concepts thoroughly, and maybe turnaround the remaining concepts on the worksheet. Choose this session if time or money is short but you still want to do some good work in an hour’s time. Book your session here by choosing: One-Hour Session by Phone or Skype.

30-Minute Session This is the shortest session, and it’s a good amount of time for questioning just one stressful thought thoroughly, or for writing a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet with me. Choose this session when you have a short, simple task to accomplish. Book your session here by choosing: 30-Minute Session by Phone or Skype.